I’m a maker.

I love sketching anything that is smaller than my hand.
I love getting ink all over. I like to experiment with different materials and tools.
I get inspired by many things, especially by small things that people don’t usually notice.
I walk a lot and I pick up and put little treasures in my pockets: a nice stone, a bud, a piece of paper or string.

I put a lot of love in what I make.

My desire to live, work and create in an ethical and sustainable way has influenced how Modern Botanics developed in its time.
I use recycled paper made in Italy and high quality natural materials like organic cotton and linen. All my inks are non toxic and solvent free.
I love adding vintage fabric to my accessories to make them even more unique and to re-use some beautiful old textile.
Most of my pieces are one-off or part of a limited edition. Everything you find here is made by my two hands in my studio in Italy, listening to some good folk music.

This is what I stand for, who I am and what I do.