an update on my block printed calendar and more goodies

an update on my block printed calendar and more goodies

some of you know that I’m working on a 2016 calendar.

I’m block printing (using my own blocks) each calendar, for a total of 13 pages each. Because of the process in making it, every single one will be special and unique, completely handmade. Each page will have a handmade print so when the month is over you will be able to cut it and keep the art print ready to frame or to gift. Making the calendar this way it’s a very long process, but I’m enjoying every minute of it and I know at the end I’ll be proud of my own work. And that surely counts for something.

So now the bit of juicy news. The calendar will be available in my shop from October 29th (next Thursday), in a limited number of pieces, each one numbered. Another exciting news is that next week I’ll giveaway one calendar over on my instagram feed, so stay tuned. And on top of that I will guest post on the beautiful blog created by Emma, have a look at it here.

carving November block

What else is going on? From October 29th for the next few days you’ll find more and more handmade products in my shop for Christmas: among the rest you’ll find new cards, postcards, gift tags, original illustrations, necklaces and brooches, a bunch of wooden ornaments for the tree and your home, a couple of new textile accessories and some home decor pieces. You will also find a few of my current products that I’m currently selling in my Etsy shop, because I’ve decided to make it easier to find everything in the same place and also because I’m slowly moving everything over my shop and I’ll eventually close my Etsy shop.

Why? Because so many things changed over that platform and I’m finding myself increasingly dissatisfied and detached from what is becoming. If you want to read more about this you can find a very good post written by my friend Kathleen over on her blog.


  1. I can’t wait to see your finished calendar! Very ambitious, and I’m sure it will be lovely.

    Best of luck with your transition away from Etsy. I’m very, very slowly starting that process as well.

    • thanks so much Clare! so many of us are moving away..


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