being a maker

being a maker

Last week I posted something on my Instagram feed about the feelings that sometimes I have about being a maker, feelings that lots of us have. Below you can read what I wrote at the time:

“Lately I felt quite inadequate. I felt a little bit invisible. I felt like I wasn’t as good at stuff as other people.I know I’m not the only one feeling like this at times, I know this from your messages, comments in my blog and emails. Some of you may think that because I have so many followers here, my life is without worries. Some may think that my life looks like a magazine. Far from it. I’m just a human being trying to find a place where to feel comfortable and people to love.”

This post started a huge and beautiful discussion about this very important topic. Lots of people chimed in with their experiences and their feelings. So many makers compare themselves with others over on Instagram. The beautifully curated feeds make lots of people feel less worthy. But as someone pointed out on that post “it’s too easy to think that a person’s beautiful, perfect pictures mean that their life is also perfect”.

Many people appreciated my honesty that day and thanked me for it. I talked about this with two other fellow makers who also chimed in on that post and we decided that maybe we can do something about this. So here we are. The three of us writing a post on our blogs today on what we feel about being a maker. My two friends Kathy Hutton and Tempy Osborne are sharing their thoughts over on their blogs. Find Kathy’s words on her blog here   and Tempy’s here.

I’m a maker. So what’s this all about? This is my main job too. I make things so I can sell them. I make things that I can be proud of. I’ve learnt many techniques to be able to make my products and I’m still learning. I will always be. That’s one of my favourite parts of being a maker. The constant learning, trying new techniques, improve things. The process for me is everything. I love it, it makes me feel alive. Being a maker to me it doesn’t only mean to use my hands everyday, but also my mind. I’m always full of ideas and that’s beautiful. But it can also be frustrating at times. Sometimes I’m lacking the time, other times I lack the skills. So many people out there make beautiful things that I can’t make. But I’m ok with that. We can’t make everything, right?

Being a maker is what I am, but I’m also much more than that. I’m a person learning everyday something new, learning to look closely at things, learning to be a bit better than the day before. Not everyday is successful. Some days I feel frustrated, sad and quite invisible. I know those days are ok too. It’s part of being out there and trying to be part of community. I know lots of other people feel like that at times, especially over on social medias because everything seems to be always so perfect there. we tend to share the best things of our days over on Instagram, we all do. maybe sometimes it would be ok (and helpful) to share also moments or feelings that are not that perfect.

This is just a little post to give strength to those who are maybe feel inadequate sometimes also because of those pretty pictures on social medias. We all do.

Kathy’s IG feed here  and website

Tempy’s IG feed here and website


  1. A great deal of truth and insight, Mirta. Directed to you from Kathy’s blog. X

  2. Great post! A great discussion on all three blogs, thank you!

    • thank you for reading it Joanna!

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so honestly. It really does help.

  4. You know how this means to me, Mirta.
    Being a maker is quite a special job, so very gratifying to make things from our hands, and on the other side, the struggle can be so real, more particularly in these days of social media presence.
    “Invisible” has been my middle name for a long while now. So I know how you feel.
    Off to read the other posts. Thanks for being honest & for the post.
    xoxo hugs

  5. Lovely post. I have very much noticed the perfection that social media portrays. People want to look at pretty settings because it isn’t possible to keep that order in our own lives. That is why the lovely accounts attract more followers, like bees to flowers. It is in my nature to rebel a little when it comes to perfection, so I believe I’ll always let the fact that I am human show through a little visually.


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