creativity challenges

creativity challenges

how do you foster your creativity? I wrote about one of the things I love to do to foster my creativity in this post. exploring surely helps me to free my mind from daily chores and helps me to create a space inside myself where I can foster new ideas. another thing that really works for me is working on creativity challenges.

what works for you?

What I’m not good at are long run challenges. I usually loose track and give up on them. Last year I started the 100 day project hoping to be able to keep at it, but I just couldn’t cope with it. Maybe last year was the wrong moment, I’ve just moved to this village and I was way too busy with life to do much else.

This year I decided to do it again. I’ve picked my own topic and I’m feeling a bit scared, but also very happy about it. I really needed a daily challenge and I’ll do my best to post a pic of it each day on my instagram feed (here). I’ll probably also write a bunch of posts about it here in my blog. I’ll use this space as a place where I can be accountable for my work on the project and where I can explain how I feel about it.

My topic is wild flowers and seeds (the hashtag is #100daysofwildflowersandseeds) and I’ll experiment quite a lot with it using different techniques. The core of the project is my love for all those wild flowers growing here at Lake Como and I want to share them with you. I’ve decided to do this project because I really need sometime doing things for myself and not only strictly work related stuff. I love my work and I’m really grateful for all those people that support my work and me, but I know I need some space to do other things. To experiment, to make something daily, to challenge myself. these are the reasons why I’m doing this. what kind of creativity challenges do you take on?

wild garlicwild viola hirta

If I’m going to finish the entire project I’m sure it’s going to boost my confidence and I need that right now. And what if it doesn’t work out and I quit again? At least I’ve tried again, I experimented and surely I would have learnt something new. Keep learning is everything to me.

Are you taking part in the project? What are your feelings about it? I would love to keep this conversation moving, add your thoughts in the comments. thank you for reading.



  1. Great Mirta!! I look forward to seeing what you do. I really would like to do it too but I’m worried I’ll have to quit after about 4 days because I always seem to be running late… maybe I just don’t have the time. Or maybe I can just do it later in the year? If be doing it for me afterall, but then the timing means others are there to support and encourage. What do you think?

    • I think you should give it a go now. find something not too challenging, I think for many of us the main challenge is to produce something everyday, that’s enough right?

  2. This sounds like a great challenge Mirta. A while ago I returned to painting after having had a long time away from doing my own work so I set myself a challenge to paint a small picture for each letter of the alphabet. It’s not an everyday thing and not every painting I’ve done since then has been part of this ‘alphabet’ but it’s a project I can keep returning to and has given me purpose and routine which is really important I think. I know I’ll feel a real sense of achievement when I’m done (I’m halfway through!). Good luck with your challenge.

    • I think to have some sort of personal project/challenge is a very good way to experiment and also to create some sort of routine. I’m sure you’ll feel great when you’re done with it! good luck with the project Lee x

  3. Nature is always a good source of inspiration.
    Also creativity challenges are interesting but I don’t take them too serious any more. It should be a way of showing your work to more people. But it should not be a stress factor if I don’t participate every day or the photo doesn’t fit exactly to the topic :-)
    So I try to do my social media work more relaxed. I am happy with fewer likes from people who stepping by everyday.

    Greetings, Walter

    • I agree with you that no creativity challenge should be a stress factor, we don’t need that. For me they’re a way to experiment more and to be a little bit more accountable.

  4. wow! good luck with your project ! it sounds amazing.
    for me i find it very stressful. 100 days are very longterm thing, i think i can do something for a week or 10 days. :)


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