early morning thoughts, leaves and new art prints

early morning thoughts, leaves and new art prints

It was somehow soothing to sit at the kitchen table earlier on and sketch leaves. Not sure where they come from, they just appeared in my mind and it felt like I needed to put them on paper as soon as possible. they speak to me of early winter, a farewell to autumn with its warm colours. something in their shapes tell me they are fragile and crispy, those leaves that crunch under your feet when you step on them, colour almost gone from them.

After sketching them I indulged a bit longer with my cup of coffee looking at the lake from our living room window. Outside there is a tiny bit of frost, it will be gone as soon as the sun reaches our village. I let my mind wander.

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My thoughts this morning are all for my studio. That space that has always been my refuge, my place to make art, to experiment, to fail, to make a mess, to be myself. That place is gone. At the moment is a room with everything in it, a jumble of things we don’t know where to put. We need more space, this house is getting too small. Yesterday I went in there looking for something, I saw my desk and I cried. I let go of all this sadness that grabbed me and felt better after I picked myself up.

In January I’ll dismantle all my equipment in the studio and we’ll make it Tommaso’s bedroom. I knew this had to happened, but I didn’t think it would affect me so much. I’ll move my desk in our bedroom (it’s the largest room in this house) and I’ll keep out only the essential tools so I’ll still be able to do some work when I have the time.

In the meantime we started looking for a new house we can call home. We’re ready to settle here, so we’re looking to buy something we can grown in as a family, but we’re very short on money so it won’t be easy to find what we’re looking for. A house big enough for us and also to have a space for my studio, because I know one day I’ll be back working. So this is the main news from me now, we’re house hunting. We won’t be able to purchase anything on the lake front (where we are now renting), so we’ll move up on the hill, but hopefully we’ll still be able to live in this village where we have friends and where we built out little family. It’s a new adventure, I do have mixed feeling about it, because I love this small house where we live. We moved here when I discovered I was pregnant and this is where we started as a family of three. It’s a place full of memories, good and bad, a place where we cried, laughed and shared food with friends. A place we called home.

I’m not very good at changes and during this last year there were already so many radical changes in my life.

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On a different note, the only thing I was able to make for Christmas this year are these small linocut art prints, block printed in copper ink on black paper. they’re postcard sized and come with envelopes, but they can be kept and framed because each one is unique and original. I don’t think I have time to put them in my shop,  you can buy them on my Instagram feed or send me an email if you’re interested, I have a very limited quantity.




  1. Hi Mirta,
    Changing is hard and I feel with my heart what you’re going through… we live in a house that’s not necessarily small but considering we’re in 5 it can feel tiny. My office is in my bedroom and all my tools (herbs, containers, labels etc) sharing two different closets… we won’t move out of this house anytime soon so I’m trying to do what you beautifully recommend on your previous post – make the best out of it. I sincerely hope you cam find a place to call home. A place where you will build new memories share food and have a fulfilling life. It’s possible. Your work is beautiful. Big hug.

    • sorry for the late answer Isabella, something wasn’t working on my website. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me here, comments like yours make my heart full. hugs to you xx


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