hello lovely folks

A bit of time passed since I wrote here, mainly because of lack of time and sleep. Sleep deprivation is still strong around here, my little boy still wakes up many times at night and I’m not sure how I can even function lately, but here I am. Sitting in my studio while my boys are out, writing a few words to you (or maybe I’m writing for myself?) in this small space of mine.

here, a few things are happening, not all good, and others seem stuck in time. We’re still house hunting, we possibly found a nice place, but it needs lots of renovation so we need to understand if we can afford it with the small budget we have. The house is in the same village where we live now, just a little bit up on the hill. I like this place and would love to be able to stay here. It’s the pretty perfect place for kids to grow up. The house is pretty big, the rooms are very spacious and I can see ourselves growing older there. I’ll have an extra room for my studio for when I’ll be able to go back to work.

avocado dyed towel

At the moment the little work I do is done mainly at night at the kitchen table, because my studio is too close to where Tommaso sleeps. I’m naturally dyeing lots of fabric, hand stitching a few new things and doing some original drawings. Hopefully I’ll be able to list some new stuff over in my shop in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I’ve made a few changes in my shop, those items available to buy are ready to be shipped, everything else you see there will be back one day (coming soon), but for the moment I want to use the little time I have to make new items. My studio is still a big mess, but instead of crying when I see it like this I’m able to tell myself that one day I’ll have my space (and art) back. Maybe it has to do with the word I picked for this year (’embrace’), maybe I’ve found a way to deal with the situation, not sure but I don’t feel as bad about it as I did a little while ago. Tommaso won’t be moving in his own room (my studio now) before Spring because at the moment is far too cold in there. Hopefully we’ll be able to move in a bigger home soon, so we can all have a bit of space.

in a couple of days a lovely local festival will take place, and this year our little family of three will be out there to see it for the first time. I wrote about it in this older post if you fancy to know what’s all about.


on another note I’m writing a newsletter, but to be honest I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to send it over. There’s going to be a few different bits of things and lots of love in it, so if you want to receive it you can sign up here. Don’t worry I won’t fill you mailbox, I hardly send more than two newsletters in a year!

Hope life is treating you well and I would love to know more about you if you want to chat leave a comment or we can meet over on Intagram, if that is your thing.


thank you for reading lovely folks, lots of love xx




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  1. This is beautiful. Lovely lovely words, and of course your images too.
    Oh all us mamas know this feeling. My boy is 3 now (and the big ares are 13 & 11), and he still wakes at night time, and comes into our bed. Only just this week has he started at preschool, so I now have 2 kid-free days a week.. Hopefully I can get into some proper work this year.
    My studio is so crazy that I’m avoiding it. It’s embarrassing…. fingers crossed space / time makes itself obvious so I can clean, because I want to stop working in the bedroom / kitchen table / verandah.

    Good luck with the house.


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