from my exhibition

from my exhibition

I’m very late with this post, really late. I wanted to share some pics of the stuff I brought at my exhibition with you lovely folks, but then I really needed to catch up with orders (thankful) and when I finished that the first days of really cold weather arrived and felt like I needed to make this place warmer and more cozy.

the exhibition went really well and I think most people in my village now understand (more or less) what I do for a living which is great! The best part was to push myself and create some stuff that I wouldn’t have made without the exhibition. I created three panels with a bunch of different art pieces. All hand printed or hand drawn, on different materials and with different techniques. I did a bit of exploring and that was exciting! All panels were my tribute to this little village where everyone is making feel very welcome since I moved here last spring.

I also made a huge painting/block print on canvas. I’m really not used to work on such a large scale. At first I found it quite intimidating, but I’m quite happy with the final result and this piece is hanging in my studio right now.

I’m doing a little update in my shop, today I added a bunch of original works (watercolours and ink drawings), tomorrow I’ll add some stuff I made on purpose for the exhibition.



the lake hand printed art

hand printed art


  1. Oh, Mirta, that’s so lovely !! Thank you so much for taking some of your time to share it all with us here ! I wish I could have attended !
    Hugs xoxo

  2. This is amazing mirta. i really loved the panels that you made for your exhibition. i hope you will have more such opportunities in future.


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