indigo dyed pouch collection is here

indigo dyed pouch collection is here

hi everyone, I’m very excited about the last little collection of indigo dyed textile products I’ve just added to my shop.

I have three different zipper pouch types, in different sizes, all indigo dyed and block printed by me, made with beautiful vintage linen bought at markets along the years here in Italy. Each bag is really unique because of the long process to make it and the materials I decided to use. It takes up to two weeks to make one, they really are a labour of love.

I think they’re pretty special and useful at the same time. Useful stuff can be beautiful and special, right? They can be used as pencil cases, project bags, to store precious items, as extra bags in your suitcase or inside your everyday bag. the bigger ones can be used also on their on, as clutches and the smaller one can hold cards and money. All of them are lined (in different ways) and you can pick the colour of the zipper you prefer, they’re vintage ones too!

If you want to see and/or read more have a look at them in my shop section. I hope you love them as much as I do!

medium light indigo zipper pouch with seed pod print

indigo bag with lavender pattern

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  1. Love them!


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