life lately, playing the balancing act again

life lately, playing the balancing act again

Life lately has been very busy and a bit hard. I worked a lot to be able to update my shop (my livelihood) with some new things and I’m thankful for the response I’ve got. There are still a bunch of indigo totes for grabs and only a couple of linen tops, find them here.

At the same time I’ve been looking for a new place where to live, I would like to stay here in the same village but I really need a quiet place away from the main road. I might have found something, finger crossed.

hand dyed hand printed linen top



In the last few days I felt very poorly and I had to stop working for a few days. I’m thankful for the orders that arrived in these last days (as I’m always thankful) because they keep me afloat and help me to stay positive.

I felt a bit behind with my 1oo days project on Instagram, but I’m catching up. I decided to sell some of the drawings/paintings I did for the project hoping to raise a bit of money to pay for some more acupuncture that seems to really help my back problems. You can see all my project over on Instagram on my feed or searching the #100daysofwildflowersandseeds

I’ll update my shop with the original drawings this Thursday morning adding them in a special section called “100 days project”.

I’m also working on my first newsletter, thanks for those who sign up for it. If you’re interested you can sign-up in my shop, following the link/tab “newsletter”. Expect something made and written just for you monthly in your inbox, starting on June 19th. My birthday present to you.

Hope you’re doing well and summer is gentle to you and you can find time to do things you love.

botanical monotype



  1. That is such a beautiful print. I’m sorry to hear that things have been harder of late, sometimes life can be such a pain. I have been enjoying your 100 Day Project so :)

    • thank you Erin, I have been enjoying your 100 day Project too. And I love your blog posts :)


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