the last time I wrote here was over 9 months ago

the last time I wrote here was over 9 months ago

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so many things happened in the meantime. as many of you know (following my feed over on ig) the biggest change in my life arrived on the 23rd of March, my son Tommaso was born. he completely took over my life in the good and not so good way, I’m not sure I was prepared for it, but probably you never areMy art and making slowed down quite a lot. At first I was pretty confident I could keep running my business while caring for my baby, but with practically no help around me (my partner works almost everyday and my family lives far from us) I understood I was too much optimistic. I only recently came to term with the fact that I can’t work until I can put Tommaso in childcare next September. This was very hard on me at first, but I know it’s going to be ok in the long run. My job was paying part of the rent and expenses and it is my passion, stop working means less money for us and a bit of sadness for me. My shop is still open because I’m able to ship items to you and I’m making new things (very slowly) when I have time, but I’m not working full time, or even part time really.

But please don’t judge me, I love Tommaso and absolutely love to spend every minute of my days with him. We go for long walks together up on the hills behind my village or for shorter ones along the lakeshore. Lately I’ve started bringing him to the local playground too and he loves it. He’s a very smiley happy boy, he’s teaching me so much, I just couldn’t believe it was possible.

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Right, I need to go and prepare his meal now, leaving you with a pic of him I took the other day while he was patiently waiting for breakfast. Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday filled with anything you love.

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  1. Hi Mirta,
    having a baby takes a lot of time & energy, may it be your first or your fourth. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Things eventually get better, and we get used to other things that we do faster.
    He’s grown so much, my my ! See how time flies ?! That’s just crazy.
    The print I bought from you a couple of years ago is in my bedroom & I get to see it many times a day & it fills my heart with joy.
    Hugs xoxo

  2. Dear Mirta,
    as you know, I am in a very simular sitation over here in Germany. Since Emilian was born a lot has changed too and I am totally with you with everything you feel.
    The only difference is that I don´t pay bills with my art. But I actually would love to do it one day. In this position however, beeing a fulltime mum and producing items to sell, it is to much right now.
    But still, I would love to do a lot more of creating. I really miss this too. And sometimes I even kind of judging myself for this feelings, eventhough I know that I love my son to the moon and back and couldn´t imagine one day without him.

    I think it is a process of learning to let go and trying to find a way to balance these both important parts of life. And there are always optimistic and not so optimistic days. But I know, that we will get better at this! Just never let go of your dreams!
    I love what you are doing, even if it is slow…it is still so beautiful.
    And your boy looks like a happy little man.

    Janina from emmyloumakes

  3. It was lovely to see a post from you and I am sure everyone will fully understand how difficult it is to juggle it all.Enjoy your days with Tomasso – he looks beautiful – and we shall all look forward to seeing your work when you are able. Much love x


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