monotype prints and finding the balance

monotype prints and finding the balance

How do you find the balance between life and work? What are your struggles in this?

Some of you may know that in the last 3 months I had very bad pains in my back and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. When I finally discovered I had a very bad muscle contracture due to postural problems I looked for the best cure. A little bit over a month ago I started a cycle of acupuncture, I had to save money for it because it doesn’t come cheap and I didn’t have enough cash for emergencies.

colour moodboard

my way to create a moodboard for colours I want to use in the next months, tiny pebbles from the beach

This made me think a lot about my work and life, the balance between the two and I even thought to quit all of this and try to find another job (again) in this country of mine that has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. At the end I decided to keep going and try different ways to make a living with this job I created for myself. One of these ways will be to introduce some digitally printed works, these will let me to offer some of my art for a cheaper price and in the meantime I won’t hurt my back carving and hand printing as much as I did in the past. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop produce original block printed art, but I’ll have different price variations in my shop and I’ll be able to concentrate a bit more also on other parts of creating, like my textile pieces for example.

natural dyes on cotton

My indigo bags were a success and I have only a couple left ready to ship (see them here), the other ones are still available as made to order but only for a limited time until I’ll introduce indigo dyed linen totes and naturally dyed cotton totes that I’m working on at the moment.

Last week I’ve also printed for the first time with a different technique, called trace monotype and I really enjoyed it. Because of the process involved each print is really unique, a bit like an original drawing and it doesn’t print out all the times you try, so it makes it all very special. I made a tiny bunch of postcards in this way, but I’ll soon print more botanical pieces with this technique in A5 size and will be soon available as one-offs in the shop.

I’m working on a monthly newsletter and if you want to receive some nice stuff just for you directly in your inbox sign up here. It’g going to be all about those lovely little things that make our lives richer.

In the pics you can see a sneak peek of some cotton totes hand dyed with avocado stones and tea, ready to be printed. I’m doing lots of natural dyeing with different plants lately behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share all of these with you!

and yes I’m still wearing woolly socks in May, it’s rainy and quite cold in this part of the world. Oh spring where are you?

natural dye and monotype print




  1. It’s over here.

    I hope the acupuncture helps, I’ve used osteopathy in the past for this sort of thing. Good luck with the new products.

    • I know! lucky you.
      It seems helping at the moment, but I know I still have so much to do about my back. thank you for your time Jax.

  2. My daughter is an Osteopath and she treats me for the aches and pains I get because I spend time doing just what you do. Her instructions to me are to set the timer for 20 minutes and then get up and stretch, move about and generally change position fo a few minutes. It is effective but tempting to override her instructions but she always knows when she starts touching me!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Maureen.I know I need to take breaks, I do that usually every 30 minutes, but sometimes I can’t do that, depending on the work I’m doing.

  3. These newly died pieces look so beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing your digital work too, and hope that you can combine the two well – I am sure you will. Also – wishing you some sunshine!

    • thank you so much Joanna!

  4. So glad to hear you’ve discovered the source of the back problem, Mirta and have a treatment plan in place. Your new bags sound divine, of course, like everything lovely your hands touch. Sending love and healing thoughts always.

    • I’m very happy too. thank you so much Sandra x


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