my experiments with natural dyes

my experiments with natural dyes

I’ve always been fascinated with natural dyes and lately I’ve started experimenting with them. my experiments with natural dyes started using indigo to dye some antique linen I bought at vintage markets.

naturally dyed linen and cotton

The first thing I’ve learnt it’s that each fabric takes the dye in a different way, depending not only on the kind of fabric, but also on the amount of time it is exposed to the dye. Because I don’t have a huge space where to work with this technique and where to dry the fabric I can only dye in small batches. This means that most of my pieces can’t be repeated in an identical way. I actually really like this because I think it complements the irregularity of my way of block printing it. The final product is really unique, even when I’m able to make a few.

For the second experiment I did, I decided to use black rice on a small piece of organic cotton that I had left and that I previously block printed with a leaf pattern in copper. I love the pale pink/peach colour that the black rice created, it’s subtle and I like how works with the print. Unfourtunately I’m not sure how colourfast it can be, because I didn’t use any mordant on it.

indigo dyed organic cottonred onion dye on block printed organic cottontwo shades of indigo dyed vintage linen


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