a little studio tour

a little studio tour

a little studio tour for those who asked me lately to see more of my studio space.

since a moved house this summer I’ve been working in a small room with lots of boxes to unpack. Not the ideal situation really. I’ve learnt in the last few years that I can’t work or even think straight in rooms where the chaos is everywhere. It simply stresses me out. Because of this I decided to save up money to build some storage spaces so I could organize my studio a bit better and hopefully be more productive.

I finished to put up the storage unit and to tidy up my studio late this morning and now I’m sitting here at my desk and I just can’t believe I was able to work in the mess until now. How were I able to function?

It feel like a new place, calm and organized, I might even find what I’m looking for now. Hopefully this new space is going to work out fine, I’m ready to make adjustments to it if needed. But for now I’m just happy to sit here and take it all in.

As you can see from the studio tour pics below, it’s super simple, nothing fancy at all. I reused lots of things I had around my home, like egg boxes (for small ink bottles), fruit craters and cardboard boxes. I love to up-cycle things I already own instead of throwing them away and the studio feel familiar also thanks to this.

I would love to know how you feel about a messy space. Can you work in the mess or do you need be in a very organized space? In what kind of environment do you feel more creative and productive? Does the place where you are affects you?

you can find more about what my little brands and way of working means to me here

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  1. It looks great! Love your Cacti too! X

    • thanks Cally! they’re cute right? I could never get enough plants x

  2. This is so beautiful and so you. I too use jam jars and old boxes to store absolutely everything, even when I recycle these items with the rubbish I still feel like I’m doing an injustice so using them in the home makes me feel so much better.
    I love these little glimpses :)
    erin | art and stuff

    • thanks so much Erin! I have a shelf in my kitchen packed with glass jars storing rice, teas pulses and more. it’s a great way of recycling them and I personally think they look good!


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