the 100 Day Project

the 100 Day Project

I’ve decided to take part in this project starting from April 6th that will last for 100 days and I’ll share daily on my Instagram (here) and weekly I’ll do a recap post here on the blog explaining my reasons a bit more.

I pondered for a long time on what kind of action I could take for 100 days, every day. I wanted something tangible, something I could do wherever I’ll find myself, something that involves not much more than myself and my heart.

I decided that my daily action is to write. I’m going to write something: a message/quote/letter to somebody important in my life. This somebody can be a real person, someone I know, somebody I would love to meet, an imaginary friend, someone is not here anymore, someone who will be here one day or just to myslef.

I’m sure this is going to be cathartic for me and I hope in this way I can share a bit more of me with you.



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