my challenge for The 100 Day Project

my challenge for The 100 Day Project

This year as some of you may know I’m taking part in The 100 Day Project on Instagram created by Ella Luna and I’ve decided to present a wild flower or seed every day, for 100 days, in any way I might fancy. I’ve tagged my personal project #100daysofwildflowersandseeds, you can find all pics of it using this tag or following my feed

Last year I took part too, but I’ve abandoned the project very soon. I spoke about this in my previous post about creative challenges here, if you fancy to know more about it.

I’m two weeks into the project and I feel quite happy about sticking to it, but I’m also intimidated about the sheer amount of days in front of me. Sometimes I think I should dare more with it, push more, but I don’t want to feel oblige to do so. I enjoy spending some time sketching or taking a pic of a wild flower, in a way it feels like “me time” and I think we all need some time creating only for us.

the 100 day project

The 100 day project challenge is helping me understand a few things about me and my work that I didn’t fully understand until now. I’m enjoying the process a lot, especially when I teach myself to not overdo something.  Staying simple is how I love to be and to work, but sometimes I forget that and work too much on something, adding too many details and finishing up to ruin a potential good drawing or design. To be able to not over-complicate things makes me feel really good. And do you know what? I’m like that also in my everyday life, not only in my work and art. I love the feeling I felt when I moved to this home (and village) last year, moving only with a tiny fraction of my belongings and starting from fresh, it gave me freedom and it allowed me to breath properly. I know that lately there is lots of talk about minimalism and living with less. I’ve wanted to follow this path for so long that when I started this last year it really felt liberating. I think this year helped me to understand what makes me really happy and what I want to do and be in this precious life I have. In a little be over than a month I’m turning 40 years old and I know there wouldn’t be a better moment to simply embrace it all.seed ink drawing

Are you doing The 100 Day Project? If you’re leave your link in the comments so I can follow your progress and maybe we can cheer up each other when needed.

In other news, I added one new indigo bag in my shop, telling you because it’s ready to ship and I won’t make more of these for a while (unless is a commission). find it here.



  1. great that you could stick to it for two weeks! i really love all your little drawings! <3

    • thank you so much Pratiksha xx

  2. Hello Mirta,
    I love your work! And have been following along on insta. I just found your journal and I will be back to read more when time allows.
    I am doing the 100 day project #100daysoflakeeffects my name is creartivecustom. I just passed the half way mark and it has been a great experience for me. I am not sure yet why I am doing the project, but I trust the reason will come.
    I would be honoured if you would take a look :)
    Cheering you on from Canada,

    • Hello Cindy, thank you for your kind words, I’m off to explore your project!


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