to foster creativity, a day spent exploring

to foster creativity, a day spent exploring

yesterday I decided to take the day off after spending so many days in my studio working on a couple of wholesale orders, I knew I needed a few hours outdoors to recharge.

it was a day spent exploring. This is what I do most of the times I need to foster my creativity, like I wrote in this post.

This time I went to two small villages close to mine up on the hills, then I went for an ice-cream at the lake and took the ferry to the other side where I went up on the mountains to get local honey before going back home.

first stop was Perledo village (a little bit over 1000 inhabitants), it’s a small place on the hills directly perched on top of Varenna (a beautiful, more famous, tourist destination).

view from main square in Perledo, Lake Como














Perledo was quiet and the old part really beautiful with its wooden doors and its main square with an amazing view of the Lake Como.

old house in Perledo


















I walked around in the narrow streets taking pics and chatting with an old woman who told me the story of the oldest shop in the village that unfortunately it closed down a few years ago after been opened for almost 100 years. She also told me the story about her mother’s birthday (100 years old) that took place in the main square a few years ago gathering so hundreds of people, with lots of foreign tourists saying that it was the best party they ever attended.

old shop front in Perledo


















From Perledo I went to Vezio a tiny village with its own castle and beautiful gardens, there I’ve also seen the biggest amount of wild garlic growing and blooming.

After an ice-cream in Varenna I took the ferry to Bellagio, on the opposite side of the Lake to go up on the hills to buy local honey from a your couple I met last summer during a food festival in their small town.

The view of Varenna from the ferry was simply beautiful. Today I feel full of energy and I’m back to work feeling very inspired thanks to the beautiful day I spent exploring old villages and walking among nature. What makes you feel better? what do you do to foster creativity?

I read a very interesting post the other day on how walking fosters creativity, find it here.

Varenna from the ferry



  1. Wow what a place to recharge! I love a trip to the sea when possible or even a walk about some museums and interesting shops in the city does does me good.

    • I know, I’m lucky to have these places so close to me. Museums are good places too.

  2. These photos are absolutely stunning, as are your blog and they way you describe your slow life. I have traveled often to Sicily where I have family, but have not yet been to the lakes in northern Italy. I’m wondering if you can recommend a small town that would be a good place to stay. One of the villages you mention above? It looks enchanting.

    • thank you Valorie. I think Varenna village is a very good place where to stay (in the pic from the ferry) because you can easily catch boats to visit other places, there is a train station and has lots of accommodation where to stay and is very lively with coffee places and restaurants too. From there you can visit smaller and more remote places quite easily.

  3. Oh Mirta!i feel like i need to go there!!!!

  4. Beautiful! Your photographs have made me crave for summer. I foster creativity by going out for a walk (especially if it is nice out) or doing something new.

    Katrina Sophia

    • thanks Katrina!

  5. oh mirta! reading your description about those villages and ferry ride and all. I want to jump in a plane and go there right away! how beautiful and simple life is there.


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