walking among two thousand chestnut trees

walking among two thousand chestnut trees

lately I’ve missed having long walks up on the mountains and spending the day wandering in a forest. I missed the feeling of being lost in nature, without thoughts and everyday doubts and worries. I was longing for that peace I can only feel when I am among trees.

last week I took a day off  and I went chestnuts hunting with a bunch of friends. we hiked up a bit and we found ourselves among two-thousand chestnut trees. these were planted a long time ago by the City Council of  a tiny village perked on the mountains on the opposite side of the lake from where I live. these trees were given to the citizens so even in the most terrible moments they could have chestnuts as a mean to feed their families. nowadays the trees are far too many for the inhabitants of the small village and in certain periods of time everyone can get a permission to gather those chestnuts.

it was a day filled with light, the colours were absolutely amazing and after a few moments there I was already giddy with delight. every worry I had lately faded away as I walked among those trees. a beautiful peace got into me and with it I felt truly energized for the first time in a long while. everything felt so real and vivid, I was completely alert of all the sounds, the smell and especially of the silence. that silence which is not a true complete silence at all, that silence that made me fell so much alive. I felt very little there among those tall big trees, but in a very good way. I felt strong.

I wish you could do that, step among those two-thousand chestnut trees and feel what I’ve felt.








autumn trees


autumn in the foresttrees in autumnI’ve just realized I wrote about chestnuts and some wandering also one year ago, you can see it here.


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  1. A lovely post Mirta! I’d love to be amongst all those Chestnut trees today!


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