walking in a forest, foraging chestnuts and a sentiment of nostalgia

walking in a forest, foraging chestnuts and a sentiment of nostalgia

the last few days were packed of new things, words and a sentiment of nostalgia. I did some exploring, I walked in a forest placed on the other side of the lake where I also collected some chestnuts (I love cooking them in a pan late in the evening after dinner).


I visited a tiny village perked on the mountains and nested inside great mediaeval walls. It seemed almost abandoned, it was charming and humble.

tiny village

I had home baked tart with a lovely raspberry jam for breakfast during these first cold mornings. The fog lingering on the mountains and on the lake making everything dreamlike.

jam tart

a couple of days ago I’ve started working on my calendar. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, if it was better to digitally print my linocuts or hand print each one of them. The first option was obviously the easiest one, but I felt like I was cheating a bit. So my new calendar will take time and more effort but each one is going to be unique. I’ve started sketching and printing each month. I’ll share some sneak peeks over on my instagram feed.

hand printed calendar


















and then yesterday morning the sun came out and I felt I needed some flowers and green in my home so I went for a walk just in the outskirt of my village and picked some humble wildflowers.


on my way back home I discovered two beautiful houses. One is lived in and has the most amazing old windows, I would immediately move in. The other one is a large abandoned house, maybe some sort of old watermill. There on the same land I found a couple of glass jars (one is the one you see in the pic with the flowers). I’m going back there for sure to take more pics and exploring a bit more.



  1. That village looks amazing! So quiet and mazelike….
    The sneak peeks of the calendar look wonderful – and I think that you taking the time to hand print them will come through in the quality, cannot wait! x Joanna

    • it was such a beautiful and strange place, so peaceful and old. it looked almost lost in times. Thanks for the kind words about the calendar, I’m working hard at it, I’m a bit late, but hopefully will be finished soon x


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