wildflowers on the banks of Como Lake

wildflowers on the banks of Como Lake

Yesterday the sun was shining and the temperatures quite warm. In the morning I decided to go to the local market to look for a large aluminum pot to use for my dyeing. I walked to the next village taking the longer (but more scenic) route. The path goes up on the hills behind my village among green fields full of wildflowers and old houses until it gets to a lovely old church perched on the hill looking out at the lake, from there it starts to descends towards the waterfront into the other village.

During my walk I saw so many wildflowers and obviously I couldn’t go on without stopping every five minutes to take several pics.

Here on the banks of Lake Como everything felt on the verge of bursting and spring was finally here. Briefly I should add. Today it’s overcast and colder and tomorrow forecast is snow! So to embrace and keep memories of my spring day I’ll share some pics here, only a bunch don’t worry.

Is spring coming where you are?

wild plant

wild primroses


wild plantwild pansywild euphorbia


  1. Oh Mirta, your walk sounds just idyllic and love the pictures of the spring flowers x

  2. Hi Mirta, love your pictures. There must be something in the air – I’ve just finished writing a Spring flowers blog post too! Mine’s more wishful thinking though. I keep looking out at my cherry tree which is stubbornly refusing to blossom! x

    • over here most cherry trees are already in blossom, but I fear that more snow and cold weather are on their way before real spring. looking forward to read your post!

  3. What lovely pictures! I love wild flowers so much. Spring is nearly here in the UK, daffodils are growing and there is a sunshine most of days lately but it is still cold around here I think next month maybe :)

    Katrina Sophia


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