work in progress, illustrations and botanical prints

work in progress, illustrations and botanical prints

In the past couple of weeks I’m actively working on 3 different projects, I say actively because my mind is always working on something new, but what I mean now is that I’m actually at the stage of making things, they’re not anymore only in my mind. This is my work in progress.

Two of these are coming from my 100 day project that I’m doing over on my Instagram feed (link here) and one is an older idea that I came back to.

During my 100 day project (a couple of posts about this here and here) I’m using different techniques, some of them completely new to me, like monotype trace printing. I fell in love with the unique one-off process and I started working on a few bigger new monotype drawings, after I accidentally found a beautiful paper for them. I’ll share more about these soon, meanwhile you can find a couple of them in my shop, in the 100 day project section (here), they all ship for free.

botanical monotype


Another spin-off from my project is a little gouache painting I did of myself getting lost in leaves. I’m slowly carving this drawing into a linocut so I can then make handmade prints of it. I’m even thinking of adding more linocut prints with the same concept. What do you think of that? I like the idea of people getting lost or wandering into forests or flower fields.

The third thing I’m working on is this idea of geometric shapes (in my mind they’re crystals) and seeds in the same illustration. I drew this postcard size paper a while back and I knew it had to be something, but I couldn’t figure out the technique to use. I didn’t want to make it into digital and the seeds are far too delicate to be block printed. After much pondering I decided to use a mixture of two techniques, something I’ve never really done before. I’m going to carve blocks for the geometric shapes and I’ll draw the seeds. In this way each illustration is going to be unique and I can easily make them in different colours and sizes.

I love sharing my work in progress with you, it keeps me from derailing off work and it’s a lovely why for me to connect with you. I hope you enjoyed this post!

block printing work in progress



  1. So amazing! I love seeing the progress :)
    The mixture of the two techniques is a wonderful idea.
    Keep at it busy girl!

    • thank you so much Cindy!

    I love love love love this way of creating (just in case you’d never noticed). I am in awe of your 100 day project, you’re creating such amazingly delicate pieces.

    • thank you! I’m new to monotype and I really love the process. Can’t wait to see more of your work

  3. Beautiful work and a lovely post. I’ve got some crystal drawings I’ve been wanting to make as linocuts too. They’re on my list of prints to do along with feathers and moons… If I get around to them!

    • thank you Cally, looking forward to see your new prints! I love seeing your work in progress on instagram


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